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Keep Your Home Sale on Track by Using a Realteam Agent and Following These Tips

The Agency Makes a Difference

When you are ready to sell your house or property, the Experience and Knowledge that a Realteam Real Estate Center professional can provide, is a valuable tool. 

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Most agents, including the qualified agents at Realteam, will offer to put together a CMA or market analysis on your home for free. A CMA will look at how your property compares to the most similar properties available that have sold within the previous 6 month period or less to come up with a realistic value and price for your home or land. It’s important to have an agent who not only knows the area well enough to choose the most “like” properties, but who also has the experience to make the necessary adjustments to come up with value. While an agent doesn’t have to necessarily visit your home to come up with a preliminary CMA based on your honest description of the amenities and condition, it’s always ideal for an agent to visit and get a feel for the home.

In a buyer’s market, it is a mistake to list a property too high. If you are adamant about listing it high to “test the market” keep in mind that the real estate agent(s) that provide you with a CMA used factual data to arrive at the numbers they give to you.

Our agents have the training and local area experience to assure a successful home closing, and you benefit from that experience. If you're interested in selling, visit our free home analysis page for information.

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